Penllyn, PA Bathroom Remodel

This Penllyn bathroom remodel is packed with glitz and glamour. Not a single detail was spared in this design. An eclectic mix of neutral sand-colored stone highlighted by reflective metallic inlays give this bathroom a touch of style that’s seldom found in this area. The triple ring chandelier adds to the modern touches and adds to the “wow” factor that’s usually reserved for grand entrances and formal areas of a home. These details give this master bathroom an air of luxury that anyone could come home to and feel at ease.

We carried this glamour over to the double basin sink and vanity, mirroring the metallic finish in the backsplash, sink knobs adorned with black jewels and implemented tinted glass cabinetry to hide its contents. The dark cabinetry is a wonderful compliment to the neutrals of the natural stone and wall color. 

This Penllyn bathroom remodel is definitely one of our favorites and showcases the creativeness of our designers when allowed to flex their talents.