remodeling process

Remodeling your home is a big deal. In fact, it’s likely to be the largest and most expensive project you’ll ever undertake while owning your home. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a nightmare.

At Touchstone Design + Build, we’ve perfected the home remodeling process to help make your remodeling experience go as smoothly as possible. Our talented designers, project managers and experienced craftsmen take every step to give you the dream home remodel you’ve always wanted, without all the stress that comes along with it.

So whether you’re starting a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or completely revamping your home’s layout with an open floor concept home remodel, we’re here for you every step of the way.

In-Home Site Evaluation

Time Required: Up to an hour

During the complimentary in-home consultation and site evaluation, your dedicated project manager will seek to understand your needs and goals, and gain insight into your design preferences. We’ll also use this time to inspect the space, as well as take photos and measurements of the project area. This time also allows you to get to know your project manager and gain familiarity with the Touchstone Design + Build process.

Showroom Visit

Time Required: About 90 minutes

The showroom visit is a great opportunity to browse design elements, get to know the Touchstone Design + Build team, and begin the process of turning your outdated or imperfect home into the home of your dreams. Equipped with the basic information gathered during the site evaluation, our designers will present layout options for your remodel and begin the process of reviewing potential design element selections, such as cabinetry, stone, flooring, hardware and fixtures. 

This meeting isn’t intended to finalize your design or even basic selections. Instead, it’s an opportunity to zero in on your preferences and ensure we get your project off to a great start. 

Project Proposals

Time Required: About 20 minutes to review proposal

Armed with a complete understanding of your project goals, we will submit proposals for design and labor along with a Good/Better/Best estimate of material costs. The proposals represent our best effort to estimate the expected costs of your project so that you can plan accordingly and have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about your project.

The project proposals also outline the design retainer, which is a small fee that will be applied to your total contract should you ultimately hire us.

Contract Signing

Time Required: About 20 minutes

Signing with Touchstone Design + Build means you’ve selected one of the top home remodeling companies in Montgomery County, PA. Once you’ve signed the contract, we require a percentage deposit for labor and materials and to officially add your home to our project calendar. 

Conceptual Designs

Time Required: Varies

This is where the fun really begins! The design phase is your opportunity to really make your house a home to be proud of. You’ll work one-on-one with your expert designer to map out every detail of your home remodel, down to the hardware. We’ll then take your design and create a realistic 3D rendering to show you exactly what your home will look like once transformed. This is your chance to make any adjustments in layout, material selection, or even project scope.

Material Selection & Procurement

Time Required: Varies by selection

Making the perfect material selection requires more than just photos. You need to  feel the wood and see how the light reflects off the stone. That’s why we not only have hundreds of samples in our showroom, but we also accompany you to our suppliers’ showrooms to ensure you’re aware of all your options and–most importantly–ensure you’ll be happy with your selection for years to come. 

Construction Process Begins

Time Required: Two to four weeks or more

The construction timeline will vary greatly depending on the scope of your project. Regardless of the time required to complete your project, we will always take care and precautions to ensure your home remains clean and safe for your family and pets. We go the extra mile to protect your home by sealing off the construction area so that dust doesn’t move throughout your home. We also perform daily cleaning and debris removal so that your home remains organized and usable. 

Quality Assurance Check

Time Required: About an hour

Once your project construction comes to a close, your project manager will perform a detailed site inspection to ensure every detail is perfect. We will create a final punch list of any outstanding work to be done and make note of any blemishes or defects so that we can make it right. Your project is backed by the Touchstone Design Build guarantee so you can enjoy your home without worry.