Lansdale, PA Bathroom Remodel

This Lansdale Bath Remodel features floor-to-ceiling stonework in both the shower and vanity backsplash. What a beautiful way to showcase those oversized ceilings!

When we create bath remodel designs, we try to accentuate the best features of the existing structure. In this Lansdale bath remodel, we focused on those gorgeous high ceilings. By creating floor-to-ceiling accent walls in both the shower and the vanity backsplash, the vertical lines draw the eyes to the top of the wall, making this bathroom feel even bigger than it is.

And by using some of the existing space for built-in bench seating, there’s plenty room for both the husband and wife to get dressed without being in each others way. It’s a great design for anyone who only needs a walk-in shower instead of doubling down with a shower and a tub. Our designers work with you to create a beautiful space that’s all your own.